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Our Story

Our grassroots initiative was brought about after too many trips to the supermarket were interrupted by a yelp for help. After locating the pet in distress, I'd have the car's license plate announced over the store's PA.  Meanwhile, the pet parent would drive off uniformed, destined to be a repeat offender!  In my determination to educate the getaway pet parents, I conceived the campaign slogan, Leave them home, let them live, and put it on a windshield flyer. Inspired by the concept of a parking ticket, our windshield flyer comes with its own warning about parking that I hope pet parents take to heart. 

In addition to our windshield flyer, we offer a customizable audio announcement for stores and a poster for veterinarian hospitals.

Become a volunteer and introduce Leave them home, let them live to store managers, veterinarians, and pet parents. 


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Windshield flyer

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Backside of windshield flyer.

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