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Our grassroots initiative started with a windshield flyer, and here's how it came about. While making my way to the supermarket's entrance, a yelp for help inevitably would reach my ears. Sending me through the parking lot in search of a dog locked inside a parked car. Providing he wasn't in imminent danger, I'd go into the store and request that the car's license plate number be announced over the PA system.  Dash back to the vehicle to monitor the dog's condition until the pet parent showed up. However, more times than not, the pet parent returned to their car ahead of me, and drove off uniformed, destined to be a repeat offender!  Hence, the "Leave them home, let them live" windshield flyer was created. Inspired by the concept of a parking ticket, our windshield flyer comes with its own parking warning that I hope pet parents take to heart.

With the help of volunteers we introduce "Leave them home, let them live" tools to store managers and veterinarians. As well as handing out windshield flyers to pet parents in the parking lots of supermarkets and retail stores.    

Future plans include a statewide cable television public service announcement and over time a nationwide campaign.  

If you'd like to be a sponsor or a volunteer please contact Robin Potwora.  Click here.

Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

Windshield flyer campaign.

 Keep our flyers in your car ready to share! Click here.

Supermarket and retail store campaign.

Public service announcements and outdoor signs.   Click here.

Veterinarian hospital campaign.

Posters to display in examination rooms during the summertime.  Click here.

Pick your windshield flyers.  Click here.

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Robin Potwora's, other enterprise is Evidence of Miracles Production Company. 

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Pictured  below is founder Robin Potwora with her Great Danes named Zane and Primo.

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